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The Max Boost Throttle Enhancement Module – the ultimate solution to deliver better response and performance!


Maxx Boost Throttle Controller with Latest Programming

The fastest & safest way to obtain a more responsive vehicle.

Safely unlock your vehicle’s potential.


Max Boost Throttle Controller Sprint Booster Module








About the Chip

Get Maximum Performance From your Engine – Safely!

Installs in seconds. Not only will Maxx Boost compete with other high priced throttle controllers such as Sprint Booster and Pedal Commander, it will outperform them – at half the cost! Performance Tuning is one of the most popular solutions to unleash hidden response from your vehicle. The Maxx Boost Throttle Controller Booster is one of the easiest performance chiptuning modules to install on the market, with a simple plug into your accelerator pedal wiring harness. The module will work with all aftermarket performance products, such as intakes, exhaust systems, mass air flow sensors, throttle body spacers, etc. The chip is smog legal in 50 states, and will not void any factory warranty.

The Max Boost Throttle Enhancement Booster:

  • Is stackable with other tuning products such as the ST8 and ST10
  • Enhances throttle response and acceleration with immediate results
  • Is plug and play – connects to the accelerator pedal
  • Is a fraction of the cost of other products such as Sprint Booster and Pedal Commander
  • Offers instant gains – no learning period




Will it only work with Modded Vehicles?

The chip will work on both modded as well as stock vehicles.


What if my vehicle is Supercharged or Turbocharged?

Maxx Boost is compatible with both.


What if I already have a Power Programmer or Handheld Tuner installed?

No problem. This module will work with all aftermarket power programmers, tuners and OBD2 modules. However, you must have access to your accelerator harness. The product must be plugged in to your accelerator pedal at all times in order to function.


What if I have an Automatic or Manual? Does it matter?

The chip is compatible with both Automatic and Manual transmissions.


Will this void my warranty?

No, this product will not void your warranty. The vehicle manufacturer cannot void your vehicle warranty due to aftermarket accessories. The module is completely safe and reversible. It leaves no footprint and cannot be detected once removed from the vehicle.


Will this chip work on my vehicle?

This is a custom programmed chip for one specific vehicle. It is can be programmed for one of the following vehicles and engines:

2013-2020 Ford Escape, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford Expedition, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford Explorer, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford F-150, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford F-250, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford F-350, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford F-450, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford F-550, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford Flex, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford Focus, All Engines
2013-2020 Ford Fusion, All Engines
2011-2020 Ford Mustang, All Engines
2008-2019 Dodge Challenger, All Engines



How much gain can I expect?

Gains in HP and Torque are not significant, as the module affects how fast your vehicle responds to the accelerator pedal. It is intended to improve response, not to add power.


What information is needed to program the chip for my vehicle?

We will need the Make, model and year of your vehicle. (Please send this information at the time of checkout). Please ensure your vehicle is listed in the fitment list before ordering.





Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 in


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Make Model Year
Dodge Challenger 2008 - 2019
Ford Escape 2013 - 2020
Ford Expedition 2011 - 2020
Ford Explorer 2011 - 2020
Ford F-150 2011 - 2020
Ford F-250 2011 - 2020
Ford F-350 2011 - 2020
Ford F-450 2011 - 2020
Ford F-550 2011 - 2020
Ford Flex 2011 - 2020
Ford Focus 2011 - 2020
Ford Fusion 2013 - 2020
Ford Mustang 2011 - 2020