Xtreme EGR Delete Performance Module Fix For Diesel Cummins ISX 2003 – 2006 Engines

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Xtreme DIESEL EGR Tuner Performance Module Designed for Cummins ISX 2003 – 2006 Diesel Engines


Xtreme DIESEL EGR Tuner Performance Module

Designed for Cummins ISX

2003 – 2006 Diesel Engines



Xtreme Diesel EGR Performance Tuner Module


*** Pays For Itself with Fuel Savings In Days ***


The Xtreme EGR Tuner installs in about 5 minutes. Resolves hesitation, eliminates surges, missing, coughing, black smoke, and increases throttle response. Your engine will run cooler with increased horsepower and better fuel economy. Typical MPG gains vary anywhere from 1.5+ to 2.5+ MPG. You will save approx $100+ per gasoline fill up!

Observed benefits of using the Tuner Module:

1) 100% Safe for your vehicle!
2) 100% Plug and Play with no wire cutting!
3) 100% Proven Performance
4) Premium Grade Pins to eliminate bad connections
5) Removed Hesitation, Surges, Coughing, Black Smoke
6) Instant Improvement in Throttle Response
7) Will Not Set Engine Lights
8) Increased MPG (1.5+ – 2.5+ MPG)
9) Engine Runs Cooler
10) EGR system must be fully operational and not sticking
11) Easy and smoother shifting
12) Small Size – Approx. 1″ x 3″
13) Returns vehicle to stock when removed – cannot damage engine!

Includes everything needed to install:

1 x Xtreme Diesel EGR Tuner Module
1 x Instruction Manual

Takes just minutes to install.



Yes, It Really Works!



Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need any special tools or automotive knowledge to install?

No. Simply follow the easy to understand install guide, and in minutes,
the install is complete!


Does this product work with automatic and manual transmissions?

Yes – Both.


Will this product void my warranty?

No it will not void your warranty, and the module can be removed in seconds, before taking the vehicle to the repair shop for service. This is the easiest way to avoid any repair facility issues.


Can this harm my engine or vehicle electronics?

No. Our products have been tested and proven to work with no negative effects on the vehicle.

*You acknowledge that this device is sold and intended for OFF-ROAD use only!

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 in

5 reviews for Xtreme EGR Delete Performance Module Fix For Diesel Cummins ISX 2003 – 2006 Engines

  1. Billy T

    Much improved power and fuel economy. works well

  2. Greg T

    quick fix works great

  3. Tracy T

    increased boost 5lbs more throttle response better fuel milage and runs cooler

  4. Kevin R

    Very satisfied

  5. Mike R

    Great product. 10/10 recommend. Will pay itself off quick!

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