Scam Chips

The tuning industry has existed for many decades. Along with vehicle enthusiasts, this industry has attracted  many dishonest companies and individuals. The internet is now flooded with scams and fake performance modules, claiming ridiculous gains and unrealistic promises. Many customers have alerted us to some of these scams and we wanted to pass this information along to you to hopefully prevent others from falling for these dangerous scams. If you have another performance chip scam we need to add here, please contact us.

These are known, verified scams that can cause serious damage to your vehicle and / or ECU. These products are not endorsed by or manufactured by SawyerTuning:

Powertune Performance Chip, Top Auto Accessory Chip, Quicktune Performance Chip, Mindblower Performance, Nitro OBD Chip, Dragonfire Performance Chip, Mighty Mite Performance Chip, Intense Tuning Performance Module, Redline Performance Module, Gforce Performance Chip, SS Tuning Performance Chip, Fuelmaxx Performance Chip


Powertune Performance Chip Scam – Nitro-OBD Light Blinker Clone






Top Auto Accessory Performance Chip Scam – Nitro-OBD Light Blinker Clone